Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.

– Wendy Piersall

search engine optimization seo

Many people think of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, simply as having their website or business showing up on the first page of Google. While this may be an admirable goal, the key to effective SEO is the approach. The quote above by Wendy Piersall says it all when thinking about true, long lasting, effective search results. When approaching the challenge of SEO, consider your customer’s experience first and the results will follow.

So, what does this mean exactly? For Spark Media Collective, this means designing and building your online presence with your customer in mind, not Google. If your website is useful to searchers, than Google will reward you for that. People find a website useful that has relevant and compelling content. Be the resource for the product or service that you offer. As people look towards you as a resource, Google will send more your way. This does not just apply to your website, but all of your online channels that you use to be found.

Spark Media Collective can help you optimize your website, content and other media channels (social media, blog sites, online sellers ie Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc) to be a resource for your customers and in turn, improve your search rankings. We can also help teach you and/or your staff to create great content that not only attracts visitors, but converts into customers.

Slow and steady wins the SEO race.

– ancient proverb

Search Engine Optimization Services

Basic SEO


Search Engine Optimization is not a task, it’s a process. Spark can help set you up to be found.


  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Basic training on Google Analytics
  • Research and identify keywords
  • Page by page keyword analysis and report
  • Custom permalinks (optimized for keywords)
  • Site map creation
  • Site submission to major search engines

Complete SEO


We make sure you are found by ensuring that you are set up right and have the right content.


  • Everything in Basic SEO
  • Google Analytics Training – Beyond the Basics
  • Using Content Marketing for SEO (training)
  • Page by page content analysis
  • Social media analysis for SEO

Local SEO


If your business gets some of or all of its customers locally, than local SEO applies to you. Spark Media offers local SEO optimization for your website and general online presence, so your customers can find you…in person.


  • Evaluate website for local SEO
  • Evaluate social media for local SEO
  • Research and implement additional online sites

Training & Consultation

Spark Media Collective offers expert training and advice for you and/or your staff. We’ll help you manage, analyze and implement your own SEO strategies. For an hour or a full day, we can help you be found.

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