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Seyl is one of the greatest listeners I have ever encountered. Due to his listening skills, he is not only able to create websites that are aesthetically beautiful, modern, well organized, and easy to navigate; he also reflects the personality of the organization he is representing. He connects constituencies with the information that matters to them. He has great integrity, stays on tasks, thinks outside of the box, works very efficiently, and is most reliable.There is nothing cookie-cutter about the work he does. His creative nature and attention to the business before him shines through in all of his work.

Julie Holt

Former Executive Director & Founder, Mountain Sun Community School

Mountain Sun Community is an independent, Montessori-based school located in Brevard, NC. After refreshing their logo, they wanted to update their website to reflect their new branding, as well as better manage the large amount of information they need to deliver to their current and prospective families. School philosophy, registration information, calendar, pdfs and downloadabe material and classroom information are just some of the pieces that needed to be implemented into the new website.

GOAL: To create a website is visually appealing, while managing and organizing a large amount of information.

RESULT: In order to keep the page relative clean, we opted for a full-width design for the homepage, without  sidebar or a lot of segmented sections that would clutter the page. The focus was placed on a well organized menu to allow visitors to easily find the information that they were looking for and also help first timers an easy way to simply “peruse” the site.

Overall, the site is built on layers, with the top layer being the most general and allowing the visitor to go deeper if they so choose. This was a fun challenge for us and think we were successful in creating a site that delivers a large quantity of information, while not being overwhelming.

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